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How long roughly does it take to complete?

Probably around 2+ hours on your first try. But I'm sure it can be finished in one hour and if you explore everything it could also take 3 hours. And a new game mode unlocks when you finish the game for the first time.

Nice, thanks for your reply

God bless you.

Dear developer, there is part with making sad kid with destroying a car. Please change the part to destroy something else. This is not nice. I am Christian.

Dear developer, in level 1-2 player is white when i walk over spike section when i take item. Also in game the things to scratch and mouse and fish has white outlines.

Dear developer, game is not 64bit. Playstation 3 gamepad was not tested. Game does not minimize itself when i press windows start button on keyboard. Music does not stop in background.


Interesting looking game, does it support xbox controller?


Yes, it supports Xbox360 and Xbox One controllers as well as PS3+4 controllers, XInput compatible devices and a wide range of other gamepads. A full list is in the readme file supplied with the download/installation.


Also, I wish your dev name was Cal. So you could say 

Cal's Own : Calzone's CallZone


Why didn't I think of that :)


wow, a Non-Horror game on the featured page?

Is this a late April Fool's joke?


Hmm, I don't think so, but let me check just to be sure.

...nope, definitely not a late April Fool's joke.

Maybe Calzone is secretly a horror game disguised as a cute platformer? But who could be scared of Calzone the Cat? Well, maybe except all those dogs who got punched on the way home...


Calzone must have a huge meal waiting at home cause along the way it must have eaten hundreds of fish! :)


Yeah, Calzone is unstoppable when he's hungry ;)

Thank you very much for taking the time to make a video about my game, I'll take a look at it right away!


Calzone is not to be messed around!


Indeed :)


What a purr-fect little game. Great storyline, I like the graphics and the tune is cool. Here's THE PARK.



Hey wobbly,

wow thank you so much for making a YouTube video about my game, I'll be sure to check it out asap :)