Thank you for the support! Also: Future Updates


I just wanted to post a quick update after the launch of my new game, because the response has been really overwhelming and unexpectedly positive!

I'm really happy to see people not only play, but also enjoy my game, even taking the time to make a YouTube video. Amazing! This is really motivating to keep improving this game and to keep making games in general.

Speaking of improving this game:

The 1.0.8 update is already in the works, thanks to the great feedback I've received from various sources. A lot of smaller bugs and issues will be fixed to make the experience even smoother. Luckily there haven't been any major bugs reported so far, which shows me that my weeks of testing weren't wasted.

I'll also be preparing a postmortem devlog about this game for people who are interested in some of the behind the scenes work of a one man dev team. I hope you'll like it. If there's enough interest, I could also write about the level design process, which took me much longer than I originally expected.

But first things first: The 1.0.8 update is my top priority right now and should be released later this week.

Thanks again to everyone for checking out my game. Knowing that people like my work means a lot to me!

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